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"You are what you eat"


  • SOIL - At PVFF we focus on building sustainable soil health using regenerative natural methods. Never using pesticides and harmful chemicals but using a variety of animals to work with the land to keep the soil healthy in order to continue to produce healthy forage for our animals. 

  • FORAGE - We use a variety of grasses and legumes to feed our animals by intensive rotational grazing methods. By rotating the animals before the pastures are overgrazed, this allows us to provide optimal feed with the maximum nutrition. 

  • LIVESTOCK - By selecting breeds that excel on grass, rotating them daily and allowing them to select the minerals they want, they stay healthy doing what they do best - GRAZE - without having to supplement with de-wormers and antibiotics. 


We live in the greatest nation in the world with more access and resources than anywhere else on the planet yet disease, depression and dependance are at an all time high and rising. As we've walked our own journeys, we noticed how much of a difference what we put into our bodies makes on our overall health, energy levels and emotion well being. As we've made changes in our own lives and seen the amazing benefits of eating natural foods created using natural and sustainable methods we've set out on a mission to share some of the fruits of our labor with you! Come join us and see for yourselves what nature has to offer. What do you have to lose?

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