All Natural Pasture Raised Turkey
  • Our turkeys are truly pasture raised and you can see and taste the difference in their meat. Housed in portable field shelters, our meat birds spend their life outside doing what Turkeys do best - foraging for bugs and green grass. We feed only organic Non-GMO, soy-free feed mix to our birds to supplement their steady diet of fresh grass and bugs.


    Our turkeys come in vac sealed bags without the giblets. f you prefer to have the giblets just let us know with your order.


    Please note that Pastured Turkey doesn't take as long to cook as typical store bought birds so we highly reccommend that you check out our cooking tips link or other search result tips for pastured turkey. 






    All Natural Pasture Raised Turkey

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    • We feed only organic soy-free feed mix from Reedy Fork Organic Farm from North Carolina. For more info on "what's in it" click here